Smart School Implementation

Smart School Implementation

We Make Your Child’s World Better

Our smart school project is a great way for you to make a difference in the world. Our goals are to provide children with access to high-quality education within the community, where they can learn and grow in many different ways. Our smart schools are designed specifically for the students of rural areas, who have limited access to amenities and modern infrastructure. The infrastructure of a typical smart school has a lot in common with that of a regular school. There are classrooms and playgrounds, canteens and a library. But there is one major difference: the smart classrooms have been carefully thought out using the latest systems. The layout of furniture, light and ventilation is optimized to ensure that every student can sit comfortably at their desk so they can focus on their studies.

Working collaboratively to ensure every student achieves academically, physically, and mentally

Here are the details of our Smart School Implementation: Our smart school project is designed for an area of 44906.33 SQ.FT. It has G+1 floors, and it can accommodate 600 students and 40 staff members at a time. Our smart school project is designed to implement or change existing schools. Smart school is a project designed to upgrade the level of education by providing modern teaching methods.

This project will consist of the following things:

1. At the entrance gate, we will have trees for improving the air quality. As you will enter the premises you can see trees placed at the entrance. Then you can see The parking lot will be as huge as 6340 SQ.FT., which will accommodate visitors, staff and students' cars, motorcycles and bicycles with shades.

2. We will create a special KHO-KHO GROUND with an area of 89' X 52', for improving the mental and physical health of students through outdoor games.

3. The GARDEN area of the school will be in the 57'6" X 43' area, where children can play during their recess.

4. We will also have the HORTICULTURE/AGRICULTURE FARM. This will be spread into 30' X 43', this will include space for growing fruits for the children of this school, where students can learn about plant biology and how humans can care for them. These are cultivated plants in gardens to produce food and medicinal ingredients, or for comfort and ornamental purposes. We are going to use processed wastewater for these plants. So that we will save some amount of water.

5. GREEN GYM will also be in Smart School's plan, which will be in a 26' X 43' space that will allow students to get some exercise while reducing their carbon footprint! Cycling 10 km can eventually end up saving nearly 1500 Kg of greenhouse gases.

6. A special kabaddi ground will also be there in this plan, it will be 33' X 43', where students can play and enjoy it.

7. A huge open ground for a prayer area of 44'-1" X 68'10". This activity makes the students' minds peaceful, helps them to be more disciplined and improves their sense of responsibility. In addition to providing a place for religious reflection and meditation, it can also be used as a venue for cultural programs.

8. The Smart School will have 8 classrooms on each floor, also we use smart technology in every aspect of our facility. We are creating an environment where students can get the best teaching in the form of offline as well as online teaching through specialised teachers under a single roof.

9. The Record/Store Room will also be in this plan. This will be in 15' x 12' room that features rows of shelves for storing your various records, as well as lockers for storing your personal belongings.

10. The Dining area of the cafeteria will be spread over 15' X 30'4". The hall is furnished with comfortable chairs and tables.

11. The pantry will be approximately 15' X 14', and it's where the school cooks food for the students studying in the school. It is the place to keep all of its snacks and food products.

12. A 10' wide LOBBY is also where students can express themselves and explore their interests while they learn, play, and grow together.

13. The agriculture farm will be 59'7" X 46'3". where farming will be done. The purpose of the farm is to allow students an opportunity to learn about farming and how it works. The farm will grow all types of vegetables, grains and beans.

14. The biogas plant will also be there to make gas from biodegradable waste from school to cook food for students.

15. The rainwater harvesting is also in our plan where we will add two tanks. We are going to use rainwater harvested water for clothes washing, toilet flushing, water gardening, and car washing purposes.

16. Sewage treatment is a type of wastewater treatment that aims to remove contaminants from sewage to produce an effluent that is suitable for discharge to the surrounding environment or a planned reuse application, thereby preventing water pollution from raw sewage discharges. And the purified wastewater from STP PLANT will be used for the plants and washrooms too.

17. Our natural water purifier purifies the purified water from rainwater harvesting. This process removes a higher percentage of contaminants and particulates. After that, we make it drinkable by our plant.

18. A solar panel will be installed on top of the streetlight of the school that takes energy from the sun and converts it into electricity that the lamp can use. Our street light- 6 to 8 hours of charging is sufficient for the light to run the entire night.

19. To create an ample amount of energy we will install solar panels in all shades of buildings too. The whole building will get the power supply through it, which is what we use to save energy. The remaining electricity produced through this system will be sent to the electricity board so that the bills will get reduced.

20. Drip irrigation is the most efficient water and nutrient delivery system for growing crops. It delivers water and nutrients directly to the plant’s roots zone, in the right amounts, at the right time, so each plant gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it, to grow optimally. It reduces the impact of drought and climate change on food production. It avoids contamination of groundwater and rivers caused by fertilizer leaching. It also supports rural communities, reduces poverty, and reduces migration to cities.

21. We are going to create a fish tank beside the water tank to give students knowledge of the fishery and for a better aesthetic view.

22. In Biology Lab the students have to study animal phenomena and have to apply biology knowledge while they can conduct experiments lab. In the Chemistry Lab students are introduced to chemical reactions and learn how chemistry can be applied to a variety of circuits and instruments.

23. We will add a Stem lab specifically for students on the 1st floor. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Stemlab is here to help students learn about robotics, mechatronics and how real-life devices are constructed. This teaches students core skills through augmented reality.

24. CCTV surveillance cameras will also be installed on every corner. It is going to help in Security purposes and to know who is trying to enter the school without a proper reason. It will also help in stopping unwanted people from entering the school, tracking the criminals and losing children etc.

25. The conference room is big enough in size of 23'X34'. Projectors are also installed in it along with proper sitting arrangements and other facilities which are necessary for presentations, guest lectures and staff meetings.

26. The smart school workshop will be built up in the 23'X34' area which has interesting activities for children, especially to make them clever with different do-it-yourself abilities.

27. E-LIBRARY of smart school is created in 23'X34'. This allows easy access to all major digital libraries — yep, that means you can now freely check out books from the library via computers installed in this library. Our team of experts designed and constructed a sophisticated and user-friendly library management system with proper sitting arrangements.

28. Book Library is the most important part of any school to increase your intelligence. This helps you to learn faster with less time.

29. It is not possible to ignore the role of the audio-visual room in a smart school. The students of all classes experience learning effectively through this medium. It is built up in a 23'X34' area, it combines the physical world with the virtual world using live demonstrations and recorded materials supporting each other.

30. Staff Room comes will be in 24'X34' space. This is the most productive and perfect place for classroom meetings. The staff room is the connecting space for teachers and staff to congregate, and share ideas.

31. Our Physics laboratory will be a well-designed place where experiments in Physics are carried out. There is a wide range of physics laboratory equipment. A Physics lab aids a student in establishing the relevance of the theory. It brings clarity to the mind of the students regarding the basic concept of the subject.

32. Our mathematics laboratory is a place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. It is a place where one can find a collection of games, puzzles, and other teaching and learning material. The laboratory contains tried-and-tested math activity materials of different difficulty levels. Each activity has been written by our professional math teachers and undergoes constant improvement.

33. As today the school is going to be changed from manual, to digital it requires a Digital Resource that can manage all aspects of school. An automated ERP system for School Management is easy-to-use, flexible and scalable school management software that can be used by anyone working in a school. It is helpful for teachers and Non-Teaching Staff who have to generate reports on time as per requirement. We are having our own School automation ERP system. We believe that is great and will bring a revolution in school management.

34. We will have a three-floor water tank for drinking water, which is purified rainwater, borewell water and municipal water. As soon as the water level of the bore well comes down, it will be filled by the automation installed by us. We will have also integrated street lights and bells with automation.

35. Principal Cabin will also be designed to improve classroom management. It is a place where disciplinary action is carried out or where decisions about discipline are made and announced. So this is a very important place in any school.

36. Unlike the Principal's Cabin, the vice Principal's Cabin has its importance. Because both the cabin has their related tasks and you will find each cabin is different in nature. Vice Principals are very important as they handle the duties of a second person in charge. So at this juncture, we have designed a separate cabin for the vice-principal.

37. The administration office of the school handles all administrative works of the school. In this office, you can find all the instructions, other documents that are needed by students, and information about teachers and their duties.

38. The sports storeroom is designed to fulfil the lack of sports facilities and equipment. It will contain Badminton/ Cricket/ Football/ Basketball.

39. Medical facilities are set up in our smart school so that students can access medical attention like first aid in case of emergencies such as non-life-threatening emergencies.

We know that the quality of education is based on strong infrastructure and good teachers, so we built both in one place with the latest technologies.