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Matte Demolitions

MATTE AND ASSOCIATES is one of our clients, they were having a headquarters in Mumbai (India), and they also operate an office in Nagpur. Their business is demolition services, these are Concrete Breaking, Core Cutting, Hydraulic Concrete/Rock Bursting, Rebar Fixing and Anchoring of Bolts, Wall and Floor Track Sawing, Diamond Wire Sawing, Demolition with Handheld Equipment, Large Scale Hydraulic Concrete Crushing and Breaking, High Rise Concrete Crushing, Concrete Recycling, Dust Suppression, Demolition by Implosion with Explosives, Pipeline Inspection etc.
Their Project includes ATC, Bridge Demolition, Bridge Well Cap Removal, Concrete Cutting, Cutting and Excavation, Cutting and Crushing Inside Building, Disaster Management, Foundation Concrete Cutting, High Bridge Demolition, High Rise Building Demolition, High Rise Cutting, Rehabilitation, Roof Concrete Cutting, Ultratech Fan, and Various Jobs etc. by Implosion with Explosives, Pipeline Inspection etc.