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School ERP Software

At All Indian IT Services LLP, This product helps in the efficient management of student data, academic records, administrative processes, and communication between stakeholders. Here are some common features and functionalities of School ERP software:

Student Information Management

  • Maintain a centralized database of student records.
  • Track student demographics, academic history, attendance, and contact information.
  • Manage student admissions, transfers, and withdrawals.
AIITS- school management

Attendance and Timetable Management

  • Record and monitor student and staff attendance.
  • Create and manage class timetables.
  • Automatically notify parents and staff about attendance issues.
AIITS- Account management

Academic Records and Grading

  • Record and track student grades, transcripts, and academic progress.
  • Calculate GPAs and generate report cards.
  • Handle exams, assessments, and grading.
AIITS- school management

Fee and Finance Management

  • Manage tuition fees, payments, and billing.
  • Generate invoices and receipts.
  • Track financial transactions and budgets.
AIITS- Account management

Admissions and Enrollment

  • Streamline the admissions process, including online applications.
  • Manage enrollment and registration.
  • Automate the generation of admission letters and forms


AIITS- Account management

Communication and Collaboration

  • Facilitate communication between teachers, students, and parents.
  • Send announcements, notifications, and alerts via email, SMS, or app notifications.
  • Provide online portals for parents to access student information and communicate with teachers.
AIITS- Account management

Library Management

  • Maintain a catalog of library resources, including books and digital materials.
  • Manage checkouts, returns, and reservations.
  • Generate overdue notices and manage fines.
AIITS- Account management

HR and Payroll Management

  • Manage staff information, payroll, and benefits.
  • Automate salary calculations and disbursements.
  • Monitor employee attendance and leave requests.
AIITS- Account management

Inventory and Asset Management

  • Track school assets, such as equipment and supplies.
  • Manage procurement, stock levels, and inventory reports.
AIITS- Account management

Transportation Management

  • Plan and schedule school transportation routes.
  • Monitor vehicle maintenance and track driver information.
  • Provide real-time tracking for parents.
AIITS- Account management

Parent-Teacher Conferencing

  • Schedule and manage parent-teacher meetings.
  • Allow online booking of meeting slots.
AIITS- Account management

Security and Access Control

  • Ensure data security and role-based access control.
  • Protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.


AIITS- Account management

Reporting and Analytics

  • Generate customizable reports on various aspects of school operations.
  • Analyze data to improve decision-making.
AIITS- Account management

Mobile Accessibility

Offer mobile apps for parents, teachers, and administrators to access information on the go.
AIITS- Account management

Integration with Other Systems

Integrate with external systems, such as accounting software and learning management systems (LMS).
AIITS- Account management