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Construction Management

At All Indian IT Services LLP, our construction software is tailored to streamline diverse processes, foster collaboration, and boost productivity in the construction industry. This document offers an overview of our construction site software, emphasizing its essential features and advantages.

Construction Material Procurement

Procurement Management: Streamline the process of requesting, approving, and ordering construction materials.
Vendor Selection: Evaluate and select suppliers based on criteria such as cost, quality, and reliability.
Inventory Management: Track material stock levels and manage reorder points.
Budgeting: Create and manage budgets for material procurement.
Supplier Relationship Management: Maintain vendor profiles and communication records.
Purchase Orders: Generate and manage purchase orders for materials.
Invoice Processing: Automate invoice receipt, approval, and payment processes.
Real-time Reporting: Monitor material costs and procurement progress in real time.
AIITS-Constrution management

Vendor Management

Vendor Information: Maintain a database of vendor contact information, contracts, and performance history.
Performance Evaluation: Evaluate vendor performance based on criteria such as quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness.
Contract Management: Store and manage vendor contracts, agreements, and service-level agreements (SLAs).
Communication: Facilitate communication and collaboration with vendors through the platform.
Compliance Tracking: Ensure vendors meet regulatory and safety standards.
Vendor Scorecards: Generate vendor scorecards to assess and compare performance.
Risk Management: Identify and mitigate risks associated with vendors and supplier relationships.
AIITS-Constrution management

Site Management

Project Planning: Create and manage construction project schedules.
Resource Allocation: Allocate labor, equipment, and materials to specific tasks.
Document Management: Store and organize project documents, drawings, and specifications.
Task Tracking: Monitor the progress of construction tasks and milestones.
Communication: Facilitate communication among project stakeholders, including contractors and subcontractors.
Budget Management: Track project expenses and compare them to the budget.
Safety and Compliance: Monitor safety protocols and regulatory compliance.
Quality Control: Implement quality control processes and inspections.
Change Order Management: Handle change orders and variations to the original project scope.
Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports on project progress, costs, and performance metrics.
Mobile Access: Allow on-site personnel to access the software from mobile devices.
AIITS-Constrution management